1. Which pairing appeals most to you?

a) Keigo x Sakuno
b) Subaru x Hikaru's Mom
c) Tezuka x Kyou
d) Sakura x Misaki
e) Fuji x Yumiko
f) Mr. Cheeky x Boo from <a href="http://www.megatokyo.com/">Mega-Tokyo</a>

2. You're riding in a car with three other people.... you sit where?

a) Driver
b) Front Passenger
c) Rear Driver-side
d) Rear Passenger-side
e) Locked in the trunk
f) Next to somebody cuddley

3. Which minor plot element did you add to Wankage?

a) AID ward “Meet and Greet” night
b) Fuji's scrapbooking club
c) Kamui's baby shower
d) Tezuka and Yuuta as phone buddies
e) You didn't technically come up with anything, but you're part of everything Wankage.
f) Wow, I accidentally added a plot element to Wankage?

4. You're in the mall... what are you most likely to be doing?

a) Slashing the boy Bratz dolls
b) Blowing your laundry money on DDR
c) Gawking for hours over how gay Kira and Asuran look on the cover of Animage
d) Explaining to the movie theatre worker that if the tickets are numbered and seat arrangements are strictly enforced then we shouldn't have to arrive 45 minutes before the movie starts to get seats
e) Do you really want to know....?
f) Playing with the cool gadgets in the Apple Store.

5. Quick no one's looking! What are you doing?

a) Trying to sneak that Wag FujiTezu doujinshi into my bookbag before it's owner notices.... or maybe the HnG AkiHik one too...
b) Chewing on the window blind cord
c) Sleeping
d) Flapping your hands like you're having a seizure...someone didn't take their meds
e) A relative
f) Praying

6. Which of these will you be paying for this road trip?

a) More than you should be ^o^
b) The food.
c) *cough*nothing*cough*Rachelownsmyovaries*cough*
d) All of the above most likely
e) My company is payment enough
f) Squid jerky!

7. When not working on Wankage I'm generally...

a) When am I not working on Wankage? @_@
b) Sitting on my ass doing nothing.
c) Obsessing
d) Riding my bicycle
e) Guess!
f) Getting schoolwork done at the absolute last minute...><;;

8. I love Wankage because......

a) SubaruxIsumi is my OTP!
b) ....because it loves me ^O^
c) I'm secretly a Borgia agent! Shhhhhh! ^_^
d) It makes the world taste good.
e) It understands the importance of family togetherness
f) It makes so many people so sublimely happy.

9. We're all out eating dinner.... you are doing?

a) Planning on eating ice cream for dinner, or maybe cookies, anything full of sugar. ^_^
b) Stealing food off of everyone's plate
c) Eating my food in weird obsessive compulsive ways and generally
embarassing the rest of the group.
d) Isn't the answer obvious by now
e) Going to a lecture at Synagogue instead.
f) Removing the silverware from on top of my napkin, wiping my mouth, and then carefully replacing the silverware on top of the napkin.

10. You're sharing a bed with a friend, when they wake up the next morning they are...

a) Cold... no covers @_@
b) On the floor. X_X
c) On top of you. XD
d) Being cuddled... what, it's a prefectly normal gesture of friendship in anime!!! ^_^
e) Waking you up for your date at the family reunion.
f) All alone because you left for work hours ago.

11. I am a/an

a) Super Uke!
b) Reversible... uke to some, seme to others.
c) Fluffy seme.
d) Super Seme!
e) Position doesn't matter so long as you're with family
f) I keep forgetting which one is which. ^^;

12. Most often you find yourself slashing ____ ?

a) real people
b) brothers
c) snarky boys
d) girls
e) anyone who is related
f) I never slash anyone. (really!)

13. For the next Rikki roadtrip I would like to go to ____ ?

a) Cedar Point!!!
b) Rehoboth Beach!
c) Japan
d) Stay home and work. Someone has to pay for this trip.
e) Philadelphia (It's the city of brotherly love)
f) Anywhere we can be noisy and wrong without getting yelled at. ^_^

14. Finish this sentence:
a) Moo. And stuff and junk and stuff.
b) Ehhhhhh?
c) Anooo.... what sentence? ^_^;;;;
d) Bad dubs anywhere in the world are a threat to us all.
e) Can't it's time for the family reunion.
f) Like with a finishing move? FATALITY!