Kim: so when would Yuuta come ask Keigo for help?
Rachel: uhh like in terms of the storyline?
Kim: when does Yuuta come to know that Keigo's gone and done something stupid like knock wakato up
Rachel: well when does keigo find out he knocked up wakato, like what month?
Rachel: i get confused on your time line
Kim: Ko is better at keeping track of it than me ;o;
Rachel: cause it gets confusing for me
Rachel: well do you have any idea how pregnant wakato is when keigo finds him?
Kim: wakato avoided him for like two weeks
Rachel: question
Rachel: how much did they keep in contact through high school?
Kim: well, Yuuta was probably wrapped upin Yagyuu and Keigo in his angst
Kim: but I think they talk to each other every now and then to catch up
Rachel: well yuuta could really only see yagyuu on week ends
Rachel: not during the week
Rachel: since the schools are far enough apart to curtail that
Rachel: vs. keigo who is at hyoutei
Rachel: and with jiroh not in school with him, keigo prob needs someone he can wangst to occasionally
Rachel: i can't see him picking rwt!yuushi or gakuto
Kim: so they talked more when Keigo was still in school
Rachel: which wouldn't be so long ago because he gets back together with wakato right after graduating
Rachel: i think.. post graduation they lost some contact cause 1) keigo graduated and 2) yuuyuu moved in together
Rachel: and then yuuta got pregant
Rachel: so actually
Rachel: maybe yuuta contacts keigo around month 2- 2 1/2
Rachel: which would be 3 to 3 1/2 for wakato
Kim: Keigo will be bad
Kim: and tell Yuuta about his own problems
Kim: once he helps Yuuta
Rachel: so yeah maybe this is like july?
Rachel: and anxiously yuuta asks if keigo would like to meet for lunch
Rachel: jenn says college continues over the summer in japan
Rachel: they're on some weird calendar like the school year
Rachel: does keigo stay in college and what college is he going to?
Kim: Todai
Rachel: so the same as yagyuu and fuji lol
Kim: though Keigo is in a very esoteric field of study
Kim: but not full time at all
Rachel: was he part time originally?
Kim: part time originally
Kim: and has been pondering withdrawing for a while because of the pregnancy
Rachel: so yeah, maybe yuuta calls keigo and asks him in july if he can meet for lunch one day
Kim: Keigo would go meet Yuuta
Rachel: at hyoutei?
Kim: or wherever
Kim: he would agree
Kim: and figure Yuuta will spill
Kim: Keigo can ask if he has any place in mind
Rachel:yuuta can be biting his lip while on the phone and just say no, someplace quiet where no one will see them, and maybe falteringly say he has a favor to ask of keigo and it's a bit.. embarassing
Kim: Keigo will be considerate
Kim: somewhere on Hyoutei wouldbe smart
Kim: since Yuuta would not have to leave
Kim: and it is private
Rachel: yeah but is there someplace private their?
Kim: I am sure Keigo can arrange it
Rachel: could keigo comandeer his old like student council room?
Rachel: one would think he use to have all sorts of private rooms on hyoutei when he was a student
Kim: it's probably still called
Kim: the atobe keigo room
Rachel: maybe keigo like takes over the atobe keigo room
Kim: and has lunch brought up
Rachel: it could almost be like a memorial or held in case he comes back to visit the school lol
Kim: because he can
Rachel: there is an atobe room that is just saved for his use when he comes back to visit campus lol
Rachel: since actually if wakato hadn't gotten pregnant i could see keigo coming back for sports day and various other festivals to check up on things
Rachel: since colleges are more low key for festivals
Rachel: or do you think that isn't possible?
Kim: well, the Atobes are important to hyoutei

Yuuta: *standing shyly outside the door to Keigo's private room on Hyoutei campus, wrapping his arms around his belly protectively, before taking a few deep breaths and knocking hesitantly on the door* Keigo?
Keigo: *finishes setting out the fine lunch service that he ordered up from the Hyoutei cafeteria, wondering what on Earth could be troubling Yuuta so much* Come in, Yuuta. Lunch is here!
Yuuta: *tries to smile it not reaching his eyes, wearing a light v-neck sweater over his summer Hyoutei uniform in an attempt to hid his ever growing belly before it becomes completely obvious and doesn't just look like some weight gain* Thank you Keigo, I'm.. sorry if this seems a bit sudden and I'm sorry I've been so awful about keeping contact since you graduated. *blushes as he comes into the room, making sure to actually shuy the door securely behind him*
Keigo: I've been rather busy myself, so I've been a bit remiss as well. *grins* Who'd have ever thought I'd find myself doing schoolwork that's challenging. *motions for Yuuta to sit and join him at the little table by the window - yes Keigo's shrine like private office is special - and eyes Yuuta's even more shy than usual posture* I'm sure whatever you want to talk about is important.
Yuuta: *sits down scrunching into himself, gotten use to slumping his posture more of late in an attempt to huge the growing bulge and because of the additional weight, his cheeks tinging pinker at Keigo's comment* ..Do you like Todai then? I.. *shifts a bit as he carefully puts the napkin on his lap* I..still feel bad about.. things. *bites lip* Nothing has turned out quite how I expected.
Keigo: That's the way life is I have come to find out. *has to shake his head at his own strange situation* It's been fine so far, though it's sadly lacking in Hyoutei's flair.
Keigo: I hope school has been going well for you this year.
Yuuta: *coughs a second on the piece of lettuce he was eating from his salad before giving a weak smile* It's mostly going well. It's a bit.. odd. *takes another few bites of salad*
Yuuta: *blushing bright red* I was a bit... sick.. earlier in the term as well. Do you ever see Hiroshi-san at Todai?
Keigo: I've never run into him, the Classics department is fairly buried on campus. *looks concerned* Are you feeling better?
Yuuta: *bites his lip, unable to hide his first reaction, before looking down at his plate*.. Yes, mostly. Hiroshi-san is umm pre-law now and umm I think Aniki said he was taking a year off before he starts at Todai. *blushes even brighter*
Yuuta: *putting his fork down and giving Keigo a serious look* I was worried a bit about you, Keigo and I.. I feel very guilty for not keeping better contact with you. Have you gotten to see much of Akutagawa-san?
Keigo: Jiroh has been very busy with opening a small shop of his own and somehow managing to get Kirihara to graduate high school without a criminal rap sheet. *has to grin in spite of himself at that* So I don't see him as often as I would like, but I can't hog him, now can I?
Yuuta: *smiling with actual enthusiasm finally* No, I suppose not.. But you're not.. *blushes* It's not so lonely for you is it? *blushes even brighter* I just umm... I mean this is your first apartment er well since we all lived together and I.. I do worry about you, Keigo. *gives a small sad smile having read a few of Keigo's romances for the other boy*
Keigo: *squirms just a little bit since he's not exactly living alone anymore* I seem to have acquired a bit of a permanent houseguest, so save the worrying for when I have 27 cats. But, that's enough about me for now. Is there something wrong? *is very concerned about poor blushy Yuuta* You know I'll help you however I can.
Yuuta: *blushes more, looking very sincere and earnest* I just.. I don't want you to think Keigo that I.. I was only think about me. *looks down at his plate and his still picked at lunch, his appetite not quite back to normal and still sometimes suffering from nausea* ..I really did want to see how you were doing.. and not just ask for a favor.
Keigo: I know, Yuuta, but I'm worried about you. You *frowns cause he doesn't have a better way of putting it*
Yuuta: *pursing his lips* Well.. things have been.. challenging. *gives a pained smile* It's.. it's a bit why I have a very large favor to ask of you. I.. it's a bit hard for me.
Keigo: I want to help, so whenever you're ready. *finally has a bite of his dainty looking roll* I missed these lunches.
Yuuta: Do you cook for yourself then, in your apartment? *takes a few more dainty bites of his salad, keeping his eyes cast down*.. I was wondering if perhaps you could talk to you father for me..
Yuuta: *hunching over more*..I.. I'd like to take a leave of absence.. or.. *a note of hope creeping into his tone*..perhaps maybe find a way.. to take some classes via the internet..
Keigo: They're not harassing you again, are they? *narrows his eyes*
Yuuta: *shakes his head* No.. it''s.. it's my own fault.. I.. *mumbling*..there'sgoingtobeababy.. *entire face completely maroon*
Kim: (leave Keigop to completely miss out in thinking about possible pregnancy, Yuuta and Yagyuu are too responsible for that)
Keigo: *stares a bit dumbfounded for a few minutes*
Keigo: *but finally recovers with a smile* Congratulations are in order then.
Yuuta: *shifts a few minutes uncomfortably while waiting for Keigo's response*.. are you really so sure, Keigo? I.. I'm not.
Yuuta: *wrapping his arms around himself* Everything's a bit of a mess and I.. I don't know how I'm going to ever finish high school if the Hyoutei board doesn't agree.
Keigo: I'm sure. Don't worry about the school board, after all, Hyoutei is a special school that understand special situations, and with myself and Father working for you, we'll see what can be cooked up.
Keigo: *rests his chin on a hand and gives Yuuta a very serious look* Perhaps it's not the most ideal of circumstances, but I can't imagine a child raised by you being anything but a gift. *raises an eyebrow* I don't need to have Yagyuu roughed up, do I? He had better be pulling his weight.
Rachel: (i love that it's obvious who the other father is lol)
Kim: (Keigo is more than willing to have Yagyuu beaten by thugs to get a point across, hehe)
Yuuta: *eyes widening for a second at the perceived threat*.. Oh no, Hiroshi-san.. he.. he's taken a job clerking, at a law office help with expenses.. but..
Yuuta: *shyly* I don't think his family is very happy with him. *pushes some things around on his plate*..and mine's not so very happy with me..
Yuuta: *flushing pink again* But I'm.. glad.. you think I would.. I can do this. It's just also a bit.. well.. unexpected and umm weird.
Keigo: *grins* The offer for thugs can be extended to annoying family members as well. *taps the table for a moment or two* Remember when I asked you to not tell anyone about myself and Wakato but you did since you wanted to protect me?
Yuuta: *nods a little wondering a bit what this has to do with his pregnancy*.. I only told Wakato-san.. but well it didn't seem a secret from him.. and really it wasn't all that secret since Masaharu-san knew and he told an awful lot of people.
Yuuta: *blushing* I don't umm think it's a good idea, to send anyone after my family.. they're.. a bit weird... but I.. *hands still firmly protecting his belly*.. hopefully they will accept things..
Yuuta: *blushing more knowing Keigo is not going to want to hear this* I.. I know you liked Wakato-san a lot.. but it's.. it's a bit.. unhealthy.. to still like him so much..
Keigo: *coughs* I'm going to probably need some help from you in the coming months, Yuuta, but I need you to promise me you won't tell anyone, and especially not Wakato.
Keigo: *thinks Yuuta hugging his tummy is really cute* You know me and my family will always be here for you if you need us.
Yuuta: *smiles sincerely* Thank you.. I.. I really do appreciate it. *trying to sound hopeful* I think Hiroshi-san's parents are.. are accepting it.
Yuuta: I've not seen Wakato-san since he and Kamio-kun broke up. *frowning at the memory and the accusations that went along with said break up* I.. doubt I will be saying much to him. It was all a bit unpleasant.
Yuuta: But I promise, to do whatever I can to help you.
Keigo: Well, you see, I ran into him a few months completely by accident and one thing led to another....
Keigo: And now I am afraid you're not the only one expecting. *sighs dramatically*