Jenn: you want to do one with them telling one of the parents about it
Rachel: that might be easier
Rachel: because despite there being more characters they're all sort of... hmmm easier
Jenn: which parent, first?
Jenn: or do they do a pair at once?
Rachel: the more enthusiastic?
Jenn: i assume yoshiko would be.. most receptive, maybe
Rachel: vs the less enthusiastic?
Jenn: i can't see hiroshi's parents being receptive or supportive about it
Rachel: is there anyone in the fuji family other than syuusuke who would not be horribly amused
Jenn: well, does yuuta suspect his parents will be amused
Rachel: he suspects his mother will be thrilled
Jenn: or is he dreading it
Jenn: as he is a senior in HS
Rachel: yuuyuu can discuss trying to figure out which set of parents to tell first
Jenn: how far along is yuuta?
Jenn: 3 months?
Jenn: do they tell immediately
Rachel: well eventually... it would become obvious XD;
Jenn: or go through silent hell for a bit while they try to figure out how to deal with it
Jenn: well, maybe that is why they tell
Jenn: it's been a month or a bit less
Jenn: and they have been analyzing yuuta's stomach
Jenn: and it is getting a bit curvy
Jenn: and if they wait much longer
Jenn: someone is going to notice that yuuta is putting on weight
Rachel: and he's been going to school still
Rachel: yes an in only one location
Rachel: the hyoutei high school uniform== bad choice
Rachel: it hits at exactly the wrong place
Rachel: someone thinks all that starbucks is finally catching up with him
Rachel: he is living with hiroshi
Jenn: but they have an apartment, yes?
Rachel: yuuta had his own for high school and he and yagyuu got their own when yagyuu went to todai for college
Rachel: when does fuji get pregnant
Jenn: well, maybe fuji is already pregnant and hiding it, lol
Rachel: and would niou tell yagyuu
Jenn: and he has been in a horrific temper lately
Rachel: yes i can see that
Jenn: his aura is pitch black XD
Rachel: the real question is if niou knows has he told yagyuu?
Jenn: well, i assume fuji called niou
Rachel: i think syuusuke is not sharing just yet he is in pissy mood
Jenn: screaming at him
Jenn: or did he just start making voodoo dolls
Rachel: voodoo dolls
Jenn: one imagines that syuusuke has been searching for anything, magic or otherwise, that will get him out of this
Jenn: and prob yumiko at least has noticed
Jenn: and their father if he's been home
Rachel: you so know he was sticking those pins in niou's cock
Rachel: on the voodoo doll
Jenn: but yuuta doesn't live at home so he's been sick
Jenn: and that is why he goes to the doctor at all
Rachel: well and yuuta tried to stay away from the fujis as much as possible
Jenn: unless
Jenn: hiroshi took yuuta to his father for the appointment
Rachel: i think their apartment is larger than the one yuuta had alone
Jenn: because i can't imagine why they would think it was pregnancy at all
Jenn: and that other time yuuta got sick
Jenn: his dad came to help
Rachel: you know... muraki might sense the baby
Rachel: even before the tests lol
Rachel: since he is into life energies
Jenn: yes, he's been acting oddly since yuuta came in
Jenn: prob muraki can sense the magic from yuuta from the start anyway
Jenn: as he is so in tune to that sort of thing
Rachel: yuuta had thought it was the flu
Rachel: it is very hard to keep surprises from him
Rachel: or at least that sort of surprise
Jenn: muraki talks to him for a bit as he takes blood for the sake of it, lol
Jenn: asks him how long he has been sick
Jenn: checking symptoms XD;
Jenn: gives yuuta a cup to pee in, lol
Jenn: all those fun things
Rachel: solate june
Jenn: and then does the pregnancy test with the plus sign in front of yuuta
Jenn: who is not quite sure what's going on yet
Rachel: i doubt he has ever seen a pregnancy test before
Jenn: and pushes up his glasses and asks yuuta if he's ever seen one of these kits before
Jenn: and looks over at him
Jenn: and displays the results
Jenn: and then passes the instruction sheet over to yuuta XD;
Yuuta: *squirms a bit anxiously in his paper gown, unsure why Yagyuu's father has been a bit colder than usual, kicking his legs for a second from the paper covered examining table he is sitting on*..So I guess I've been really sick for umm 2 weeks?
Yuuta: *biting his lip and looking over at his boyfriend's father* You umm don't think it's serious do you, Yagyuu-sensei?
Kazutaka: *slipping a pair of latex gloves on, pulling an unmarked white box out of a cabinet and opening it out of Yuuta's view, removing a slender plastic tube as he glances back over his shoulder at the boy* Mm. You mentioned vomiting and feeling tired more frequently, and I presume you've been urinating more than usual as well.
Kazutaka: *taking Yuuta's urine sample from the tray, performing the test as a note of warning enters his voice* It's very important that you tell your doctor all of your symptoms, Fuji-kun. We wouldn't want to miss anything that could be relevant, after all. *holding the tube in his hand, waiting for the results despite already knowing the answer* Has my son been taking care of you?
Yuuta: *fiddling with the edge of his paper dressing gown, knowing that part of going to the doctor is answering embarrassing questions but not enjoying this at all*..Uhh I guess.. *blush* I've not been eating as much, just mostly drinking soup and umm tea so.. I thought..
Yuuta: *pursing his lips for a second, feeling his mouth go dry at the tone of voice his doctor is using and the sense that something is wrong*..I didn't think I was so sick.. I've only missed one day of school. *blushes*..
Yuuta: Hiroshi-san has been very considerate, Yagyuu-sensei. *his voice becoming more assured* I only feel bad, that I've woken him a few mornings.
Kazutaka: *a cold smirk briefly crossing his face as the expected plus sign appears, setting the tube down on the counter and removing his gloves* Well, Fuji-kun, we have our answer. *throwing the gloves into the medical waste bin, washing his hands and reaching for the instruction sheet that came with the test kit* While I go get the paperwork to start your file, you will read this and then bring my son back with you for the next step.
Kazutaka: *brushing back his bangs, his usual charming smile not quite matching his eyes* Don't disappear on me, Fuji-kun, we've got quite a lot to cover this morning.
Yuuta: *nods his head, quickly slipping back on his school pants beneath the paper gown, before removing it and partially buttoning his Hyoutei school shirt, a faint bulge barely visible between the line of his pants and shirt* ..Umm.. O.K. *swallows hard as he takes the papers not even glancing at them yet*
Yuuta: *watches the much taller man leave the room before finally looking at the papers, his hands shaking slightly, having heard the tone of voice the doctor was using before from his family on any of the occasions when he wanted to disappear, reads the title of the top paper, before just staring for a second, eyes completely wide and face going white*
Yuuta: *takes a deep breath and walks slowly towards the door of the examining room, completely dreading what he is going to have to tell Yagyuu, opens the door and walks the few feet to the waiting room, papers being held loosely in his hand* Hiroshi-san? I uhh.. *closes his eyes not even sure what to say*
Yagyuu: *springing up from his chair, an untouched cup of water on the table beside him, ignoring the other patients as he reaches up to touch Yuuta's shoulder, eyes widening* Yuuta-kun! What did he say it is? It's not the flu, is it?
Yagyuu: *babbling a bit* I mean, you haven't had a fever, and you feel better after awhile, so- did he do any tests?
Yuuta: *nods his head miserably still not completely accepting what was written on the papers he's squeezing tighter*.. No.. it's umm not the flu, Hiroshi-san. It's.. *bites his lip and takes Yagyuu's hand* ..maybe we better talk.. in the examining room.
Yuuta: *forcing his voice to come out level sounding distant and unreal in his own ears* ..Your father he.. he wants to see us both. *voice a whisper* I'm sorry, Hiroshi-san.
Yagyuu: *a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach, staring at Yuuta for a moment before lamely squeezing his hand back in reassurance* I.. all right.. *swallowing, glancing around as he opens the door for his boyfriend, following Yuuta inside*
Yagyuu: *barely forcing a faint smile for his father's nurse as they pass the desk, the pressure of not knowing and fear of the worst building inside him* Yuuta-kun.. *voice low* ..what did he say?
Kazutaka: *looming in the doorway to the examining room above them, the sunlight from the window behind him silhouetting his figure* Why don't you both come inside before we discuss things any further in the hallway, Hiroshi-kun. *raising an eyebrow, stepping back to gesture inside with one palm*
Yagyuu: *startling against his better instincts, concern for Yuuta overriding his natural defences* Otou-san- *blinks, squeezing Yuuta's hand more firmly* I- *shakes his head* Yes, Otou-san- *raising his hand to the boy's shoulder, guiding him inside with a suddenly fierce need to protect him, voice shaking only slightly* Let's sit down, Yuuta-kun..
Yuuta: *squeezing Yagyuu's hand tighter for both support and empathy as they go back into the examining room*...I've not.. *cheeks getting two huge pink spots on them like a child playing with rouge*. I've not told Hiroshi-san yet,Yagyuu-sensei.. I umm don't know how.
Yagyuu: *looking back and forth between them as he helps Yuuta to the chair, licking his lower lip nervously* Tell me what? What's wrong with Yuuta-kun?
Yuuta: *sitting down next to Yagyuu and wishing for a second he could just disappear and take his boyfriend with him, for a brief second thinking about making a maboroshi for them to escape into but realizing that is not such a good idea. Hand still tightly clutching Yagyuu's and the now ruined papers* Yagyuu-sensei just said to.. to come in with you.. and not to leave..
Yuuta: *closing his eyes and slowly giving the papers to Yagyuu his voice barely a whisper*..and he gave me these...
Yuuta: *not looking at either man for a moment* It seems I'm.. I'm..
Yuuta: Itsababy *scrunches somewhat into himself, the tight grip on his boyfriend's hand only strengthening*
Kazutaka: *giving his son a cold look, mouth stretched in a frown* I would sooner ask what was wrong with you, Hiroshi-kun. The example of those others from your publicity stunt didn't mean anything to you?
Yagyuu: *staring, brows burrowed as he attempts to process Yuuta's words* -example? *blinks, head whipping to look over at Yuuta* -what?
Kazutaka: *reaching with a frown to the selection of pamphlets on the rack beside him, plucking out a handful of the ones titled "SAFE SEX", "CONTRACEPTION", etc, and tossing them into his son's lap* I suppose you thought the two of you were immune to any side effects of your sexual proclivities, despite the bounty of information available. *voice bordering on angry*
Yagyuu: *face turning pale, clenching his teeth as he stares down at the papers from Yuuta and the large letters on the front of each pamphlet, feeling sick* ..what.. *voice faint*
Yuuta: *blanching at the tone of voice, Yagyuu's father, feeling the threat of tears but fighting it not wanting to make this any more painful than it already is*.. It's my fault, Yagyuu-sensei.. Please.. I..I hadn't thought..
Kazutaka: *crossing his arms over his chest, leaning back against the cabinets* Fuji-kun, despite my son's demonstrated lack of judgement, I have to question whether you are aware of the research that has been done these last few years. *giving Yuuta a less harsh look than his son, still frowning* Do the two of you realize that there has been no evidence whatsoever that an abortion can be performed on a male without a greater than 90% risk of the man's life?

Jenn: (one also figures that in yuuta's case, the baby's life is entwined with his magic anyway)
Jenn: (probably what fuji is discovering in his own searches for a magical abortion method, lol)
Rachel: (yeah cause i mean once his parents discover it is all up, for syuusuke )
Rachel: (his mother wants grandchildren and they need heirs, and between syuusuke and niou chances are high the kids would qualify)
Rachel: (it's why he probably doesn't tell niou too fast, because he doesn't trust niou not to tell yumiko lol )
Rachel: (and if yumiko finds out before he can perform an abortion he's fucked, literally lol)

Yuuta: *swallowing quickly and keeping his eyes in his lap, having a hard time facing either Yagyuu as his guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders*..It wasn't on purpose... I just... we've been together so long... it's not like Keigo and Wakato-san. *cheeks pink* ..I just never thought...
Yagyuu: *sliding his arm behind Yuuta's back in as much as gesture of comfort as he can manage, his other hand covering his face as he lets out a shaky breath* Shit..
Yagyuu: *dropping his hand to his lap, staring up at his father for a moment before turning to Yuuta* ..oh god, Yuuta.. I'm so sorry- *voice low and ashamed*
Yuuta: *wanting to lean into Yagyuu, but doubting the brilliance of that plan with Yagyuu's father rather already strong ire, lets his free hand rest gently on his boyfriend's thigh*.. It's not.. your fault, Hiroshi-san.. It's me.. I.. I just never thought...How could one?
Yuuta: *taking a deep breath and knowing he has to try to stay completely together at least until they make it back to their apartment or somewhere it is just the two of them*.. what can we.. what are our options, Yagyuu-sensei? *voice low and tight*
Kazutaka: *face blank as he watches his son for a moment, shaking his head minutely* The two of you are aware that you're both still minors, at least? *giving Yuuta a piercing look before glancing down at his chart* And Fuji-kun, you haven't even finished high school.
Yuuta: *whispering faintly, skin managing to even go a shade paler*..are you going to tell my parents, Yagyuu-sensei?
Kazutaka: *shrugging briefly* Normally I would refer you to an OB/GYN and the matter would be out of my hands, but at the moment there are only a handful of obstetricians who have even dealt with this situation in the past, and so I'll have to do some research. At any rate, you're going to have to undergo a thorough physical, and we'll start you on a vitamin regime immediately.
Yagyuu: *closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, not wanting to lose control any further in front of his father and his boyfriend* I.. Anything we have to do, Yuuta-kun, I promise-
Kazutaka: *raising an eyebrow at Yuuta* Did you think that your parents weren't going to notice soon enough anyway? *giving his son a sharp look as he sees the beehive of activity in the shadows below the boys' chairs, snapping out loud* HIROSHI-KUN. Control yourself.
Yagyuu: *sitting up with a start, face burning as he presses his lips together, drawing down all the control he can manage* Yes, Otou-san- *fingers digging into his thigh, pulling Yuuta minutely closer to him*
Yagyuu: *opening his mouth, pausing before the question comes out* When.. when is the- baby..?
Yuuta: *voice shaking despite himself* I didn't think, Yagyuu-sensei there was.. there would be anything to tell my parents. I thought.. I thought.. it was just another flu.. like last time.
Kazutaka: *voice returning to a more professional tone, making a mark on his chart* Without the blood test and so on, it's difficult to pinpoint an exact time, but I would say that early February isn't far off, although- *shrugs* It will have to be by Caesarian, of course, and more often than not the surgery is scheduled at the surgeon's convenience.
Yuuta: *fingers trying to both gain and give support at the same time, as they gently stroke Yaguu's leg in comfort* ..I'll take the vitamins.. is there.. I've ruined the papers *blushing a dark red*.. I.. what else will I need to do?
Yuuta: Please... I'm sorry, Yagyuu-sensei.. we didn't mean for this to happen. *feeling a huge amount of guilt that somehow his body has betrayed them both in an unexpected way*..Can we.. we go home now? *a hint of hope coloring his words*
Kazutaka: *giving Yuuta a look* We'll need to set up your first exam, preferably as soon as possible, and I'll need to do a health history on your family, as I can do my son's on my own, I think. *raising an eyebrow at Yuuta* There is the matter of HIV testing as well, of course. Have you had any sexual partners besides my son, Fuji-kun?
Yagyuu: *glancing up sharply, trying to keep the wince from showing on his face that this is his father they're talking to* Otou-san, Yuuta-kun doesn't-
Kazutaka: *cutting his son off with a look* Fuji-kun, you will remember that without your cooperation, it is far too easy to overlook something important. Hiroshi-kun- *taking off his glasses, looking down at his son* It's far too late for modesty and lies of omission, and we are talking about the health of your- *eyes flickering to Yuuta* -lover and, need I remind you, child.
Yuuta: *blanching even further, unsure he can face such personal and incredibly embarrassing questions*.. I've just been with Hiroshi-san... for 3 1/2 years, now.
Yuuta: *fighting very hard not to flee now and trying to decide if he can get away with lying despite the doctor's words about the importance of telling the truth and drawing deeper into himself*.. you can do the blood tests.. but I.. I was perfectly normal.. my last physical exam so.. so wouldn't I be now?
Kazutaka: *giving Yuuta a blank look for several seconds before turning his back on the two boys for a moment, taking down a prescription pad from his clipboard* HIV is a very serious matter, Fuji-kun, and a pregnant- *pausing slightly* -mother can pass the virus onto the child without even being aware of it. *shrugging faintly* But if you're quite sure..
Yuuta: *giving a quick look to Yagyuu, his misery apparent on his face, trying to give his words a false sense of confidence*.. and I'm sure.. everything will be all right. *swallows* You can.. still do the HIV test, but I.. *blushing not wanting to remember the fact he ever had sex with anyone outside of Yagyuu*..I've really mostly just been with Hiroshi-san ever... and I've been completely faithful. *his assurance growing stronger at this statement* I'd never cheat on Hiroshi-san.
Yuuta: And I know Hiroshi-san would never cheat on me. *a note of ferocity entering his tone* I.. what other blood work will need to be done?
Yagyuu: *curling his arm around Yuuta more tightly, squeezing the boy gently* It's okay, Yuuta-kun.. he's not- it's not.. *closes his eyes and licks his lips quickly, then looks up at his father, pushing up his glasses and drawing on his courage* Otou-san.. I.. we appreciate your assistance, of course, but.. *standing up, leaving his hand against Yuuta's body* Can we schedule the tests for your soonest appointment, and.. have some time to process all of this?
Yagyuu: *bowing slightly in deference to his father* Please, Otou-san..
Kazutaka:: *pressing his lips together as he writes out a prescription for pre-natal vitamins, ripping it off the pad and giving his son a look* Come back on Thursday afternoon, after your classes. *voice hard* I expect you to keep up your schoolwork, Hiroshi-kun. After a mistake like this.. *hands over the paper* Take this to Nonomura, she'll have them fill it for you.
Kazutaka: *looking down at Yuuta, the light glaring from his glasses* Fuji-kun, we'll discuss the course of treatments and tests on Thursday, and your new diet and exercise regime. If the morning sickness gets worse, have my son call me. Try not to overdo it for the moment.
Yuuta: *nods his agreement, voice lost in his throat as he stands up shyly finally and bows deeply, thankful to be getting out of there without having to answer any questions in further detail, but having a hard time facing the reality of being pregnant, coughing a second* ..This Thursday or? I can ask the school.. for my physical from *voice cracking* ..from April.
Yuuta: *huddles close to Yagyuu despite knowing now is not the time, just needing the support*..I'm.. we'll be fine.. until then.
Kazutaka: *closing the file, turning to take down his clipboard* Bring the paperwork if you can get it, otherwise I'll call your family doctor for the files if it's a problem. *pausing* One week, Fuji-kun, and if I haven't heard from your parents by then regarding their knowledge of your.. condition, I'll call them myself. *glancing at Yuuta over the rim of his glasses, eyes glinting*
Kazutaka: *gaze shifting to his son* You will be home for dinner on Thursday after the appointment, when we discuss this with your mother. *expression hard* I would suggest preparing by thanking the gods that you're already started at Todai.
Yagyuu: *slipping his arm through Yuuta's, face still pale but trying to hide his discomfort and shame, bowing again* Yes, Otou-san. *starts to open his mouth to say something else, then stops, eyes darting to Yuuta* Let's- *voice cracking for a moment* Let's get your prescription and.. we can get a cab. *bows again to his father, tugging gently at Yuuta to hurry out of the office* Thank you, Otou-san.
Yuuta: *squeezing Yagyuu's hands in his own, his skin keeping its ghostly hue at the thought of Yagyuu's mother knowing about this condition*.. I'll.. I'll tell my parents, before then Yagyuu-sensei. *mumbling as he gives his own fast bow before walking as fast as he can to escape with his boyfriend, glad to finally be allowed to give in to his flight instincts*..Thank you, Yagyuu-sensei.
Kazutaka: *raises an eyebrow, watching them leave silently as the door closes in their wake*
Rachel: i think yuuta was planning on putting it off until wed XD;;;
Jenn: do you want to be nice and make it a friday
Jenn: so that they have the weekend to be alone, lol
Jenn: unless it's a saturday and that is how yuuta was free to go to the doctor's
Rachel: this is true
Rachel: so would the thurs be the one in just 5 days?
Rachel: or the thurs after that?
Rachel: i think yuuta is so putting this off
Rachel: he is also a bit anxious.. he is not sure if he has been invited to the dinner yagyuu has to attend lol
Rachel: a part of him of couse, does not want to be there
Rachel: but he also is worried about yagyuu lol
Jenn: prob in 5 days
Jenn: kazutaka didn't even mention to yuuta
Jenn: that he won't be able to stay at hyoutei pregnant
Rachel: i wonder if yuuta hasn't told them yet actually lol
Rachel: maybe on wed
Rachel: yumiko calls to invite them to dinner on sunday
Rachel: so yuuta begs kazutaka to let him tell them in person then