Ko: (They can compare photos.)
Rachel: *snickers*
Rachel: well yuuta is getting video taped
Rachel: not that he knows
Ko: Wakato: Well, yours turned out better, of course, but I don't know how much time Niou put into thinking about the setup for mine beforehand...
Rachel: Yuuta: *blushes* Were you pretending to be Little Red Ridinghood too?
Ko: Wakato: No, I was just being stupid.
Rachel: Yuuta: Oh.... Did you.. know Masaharu-san wanted to.. *waves hands* with you before hand?
Ko: Wakato: *smirks* Given what we'd just been up to in the closet, yeah, I'd say I had a pretty good idea.
Rachel: Yuuta: O_O
Rachel: Yuuta: *blushes* We didn't.. do anything in a closet...
Rachel: Yuuta: Did you feel awkward the next morning, Wakato-san?
Ko: Wakato: Of course you didn't do anything in the closet, Yuuta-kun. That's not your thing. *dead serious* And if you had, I'd get you for copyright infringement.
Ko: Wakato: *sees Yuuta's worried expression and pats him on the head* Kidding.
Rachel: Yuuta: Umm no offense Wakato-san, I uhh don't think I want to do anything in a closet....
Ko: Wakato: *sniffs, as if offended* You only say that because you've never TRIED it. I bet you'd like it if you gave it a chance.
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* I've only... *waves hands* in a bed....
Ko: Wakato: Really?
Ko: Wakato: Never in the bathroom?
Rachel: Yuuta: *shakes head* Not yet...
Ko: Wakato: Not in the kitchen?
Rachel: Yuuta: *shakes head* Not even in my own bed, Wakato-san
Rachel: Yuuta: Did Masaharu-san buy you dinner also?
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* I would've thought Atobe-sa *beats self with a magazine* Moleman would've been a little more adventurous with you, given that he took you halfway around the world for your first time. *shakes head* And no, we went Dutch. Although toward the end of the evening, everything got to be kind of a blur, so I suppose he COULD have paid for some of the drinks...
Rachel: Yuuta: Did he make them for you himself?
Rachel: Yuuta: Masaharu-san, made this really sweet one that was so good... though I think he said I was sweeter.. *BLUSHES*
Ko: Wakato: *pinches Yuuta's cheek* But of course. *smirks*
Ko: Wakato: Admit it, though--you'd *like* to try it other places, wouldn't you?
Rachel: Yuuta: Well.... not maybe the closet... but uhh *blushes*
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* A bathtub might be nice....
Ko: Wakato: *leans in to listen* Mmhmm...
Ko: Wakato: Where else? Surely you've got a little more imagination than just the bathtub, Yuuta-kun...
Rachel: Yuuta: *looks at Wakato* Umm maybe a uhhh *RED* tennis court...
Rachel: Yuuta: *waves hands* But not with Masaharu-san! I uhh don't think I feel comfortable with *VERY RED* casual sex
Rachel: Yuuta: Not that it wasn't fun.. I just...it was awkward, the next morning...
Ko: Wakato: A tennis court....now that IS adventurous...although I suppose you and your brother used to make good use of the courts when you were "training." *raises eyebrow and grins evilly*
Rachel: Yuuta: Not like that Wakato-san!!!!
Ko: Wakato: *waves a hand dismissively* Of course not.
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* And I guess an onsen would be sort of nice.. or maybe one of those moon viewing pavillons...
Rachel: Yuuta: *suspiciously* Have you had sex in my kitchen?
Ko: Wakato: *thinks...thinks...thinks...*
Ko: Wakato: *finally* I don't RECALL if we did...
Rachel: Yuuta: You and Masaharu-san?!?!
Ko: Wakato: No, me and...*looks around* ...you know.
Rachel: Yuuta: *blinks* Akutagawa-san?
Ko: Wakato: *shakes head* Yuuta-kun, if Jiroh-chan and I had sex in a kitchen, how would he get the jump on me? *thinks* Disregarding the last time, of course...
Ko: Wakato: So going by process of elimination...
Rachel: Yuuta: Ummm Akira-kun?
Ko: Wakato: *nods*
Rachel: Yuuta: Unless you've been having sex with other people in the apartment in weird locations...
Ko: Wakato: We thought about it once, but he thought that if you got mad about him snooping through your stuff in your room, you'd be apocalyptic about the bad use of your kitchen.
Rachel: Yuuta: Well ummm I would be...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Though I guess I have uhh thought about it.. a bit.. myself.. maybe...
Ko: Wakato: Oooooh, and NOW the conversation takes an interesting turn!
Rachel: Yuuta: But I clean up!
Ko: Wakato: I'm sure you would. *nods* So...like after a romantic meal...or someone coming up from behind while you're cooking....?
Rachel: Yuuta: Did Masaharu-san say all sorts of dumb things to you?
Rachel: Yuuta: Ummm well maybe... it would be *blushes* sort of nice... But Keigo is always watching TV...
Ko: Wakato: Hmm...well you know, you could always have me go get him for you sometime when you're cooking...*raises eyebrow*
Rachel: (I like the wakato and yuuta interaction ^o^ i'm glad they keep meeting in the kitchen now, they're like a non-slashy Sorata+Kamui ^o^ and Kamio is like Karen meets Kotori XD )
Ko: (XD they are Sorata and Kamui!)
Rachel: (yes, but a non-slashy SorataxKamui XD )
Ko: (*nods*)
Ko: (Which is really good given that we cast them as Sorata and Kamui in that pic XD)
Rachel: (you know the way wakato pats Yuuta's head, so sorata/Kamui, though yuuta is way more competent than kamui)
Ko: Wakato: Although really, I wonder about the depth of a guy's feelings when he won't put his significant other ahead of a TV show. Of course, I say this as someone who's canceled dates for Cardcaptor Sakura. But that's DIFFERENT.
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* But ummm.. even if he came into the room..he might not..
Rachel: Yuuta: Well, I guess Keigo isn't the best boyfriend ever...
Ko: Wakato: If you weren't wearing anything but an apron, he might. Dress for success, Yuuta-kun.
Rachel: Yuuta: *sighs* I wish I had a boyfriend who was.. more attentive sometimes...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* But ummm no offense, Wakato-san but uhh then you would uhh.. see me in just.. *RED* an apron...
Rachel: Yuuta: By the way, I think you're going to love your Christmas gift! I got it at Mandarake, and hopefully you don't uhh own one.
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* Then I promise I'll close my eyes when I walk through the kitchen. *blinks* You got me something for Christmas?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Rachel: Yuuta: *smiles* We're friends.. sort of...
Ko: Wakato: *smiles a little, amused and touched* Well, thank you, Yuuta-kun.
Rachel: Yuuta: Though I confess, I got something for everyone. I just got Yagyuu-san's gift finally yesterday. *smiles proudly*
Ko: Wakato: *quietly panicking--gah now he has to get something for Yuuta and there's only 1000 yen left in his wallet and it's only Tuesday waaaaah!*
Ko: Wakato: ...you're very thoughtful about the gift-giving, Yuuta-kun.
Rachel: Yuuta: *looking at Wakato* And uhh don't worry, you don't need to get me something.. Anou.. Wakato-san, do you uhh think..*RED*
Ko: Wakato: I hope you didn't spend too much...*rubs the back of his neck*
Ko: Wakato: Do I think what?
Rachel: Yuuta: Well, I got Yagyuu-san a cashmere scarf with his initials on it, you don't think he has one, do you?
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED and staring at his feet* Do you think Keigo is a uhh uhhh thoughtful boyfriend?
Ko: Wakato: Well, as to the first, having never had the pleasure of visiting Sensei's closet, I couldn't tell you...and as to the second...hmm...
Ko: Wakato: *thinks--normally he'd just say NO and be done with it, but this is Yuuta-kun asking him seriously, so he ought to think about it seriously*
Ko: Wakato: Hmm...well...understanding that I don't know all the ins and outs, so to speak, of your relationship...
Rachel: Yuuta: *bites lip* I hope he likes it, I got him a green scarf since green is his favorite color. And I.. it's not what you spend it's the thought right? *is a little concerned because Wakato's gift was only 1500 yen as a buy back*
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Ko: Wakato: *absent-mindedly* The thought, yeah, counts, exactly...
Ko: Wakato: ...I think he's probably good at being romantic.
Ko: Wakato: And making wonderful sweeping gestures.
Rachel: Yuuta: *surprised* How did you know?
Ko: Wakato: *grins a little* Call it a hunch.
Rachel: Yuuta: I'm just.. Masaharu-san.. he said all these sort of romantic things to me.. and now I worry that Keigo.. well...
Rachel: (is this AU Wakato+Yuuta take 2 XD )
Ko: (*nods* XD)
Rachel: (cause i doubt he would ever talk to wakato this honestly in the actual RP, even if Wakato is Sorata XD )
Ko: (I doubt it. But it's kinda fun. ^^)
Rachel: (it is!)
Rachel: (yuuta is an adorable Kamui, isn't he ^o^ )
Ko: Wakato: *nods* Romance is important. You have to let the other person know that they're special, and sometimes that means doing something special, something extravagant, something that just knocks their socks off.
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods* Like uhh taking them to Greece?
Ko: Wakato: *nods* The words, right out of my mouth, Yuuta-kun.
Rachel: Yuuta: *biting lip nervously* I just worry.. that all it is.. is umm romance.. and that Keigo doesn't really...
Ko: Wakato: *shrugs* The day-to-day is harder. Not because you have to put more effort into it, but because sometimes, you just forget.
Rachel: Yuuta: Is umm that what happened with Akira-kun? You both forgot? *RED*
Ko: Wakato: *blinks, then shakes his head--thinks about it for a second, then shakes his head again* Not exactly.
Rachel: Yuuta: Ah
Ko: Wakato: *sighs and smiles a little* Although he wasn't very good at the romantic gestures, I sometimes think.
Ko: Wakato: *wonders just how much Yuuta might be on the mark, though...* Actually...the only reason I sound like I'm speaking from experience...well, it's not my experience, but...
Rachel: Yuuta: I try really hard.. but sometimes.. I sort of feel like I try for both of us.. *pained smile*
Rachel: Yuuta: Wakato-san?
Ko: Wakato: *looks over his shoulder at the cameraman, then leans over to whisper in Yuuta's ear* Because that's what happened with my folks. And it's a big part of why they're seperated. *starts to lean back, then leans in to whisper again* Well, actually, my dad's little indiscretions didn't help either, but...*pulls back and smiles, slightly forced, then leans back into the couch*
Rachel: Yuuta: *moves his hands in a funny way and makes a small maboroshi* Papa taught me this trick for when you *REALLY* wanted something to be private.
Rachel: Yuuta: But Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone else, promise, Wakato-san?
Ko: Wakato: *looks around* Wow, why does the living room suddenly look like Ueno Park? Wait...no...those are apple blossoms, aren't they?
Rachel: Yuuta: Ummm no, they're white cherry blossoms... I'm afraid my blossoms are always white. *smiles a little sadly*
Ko: Wakato: *remembering his CLAMP* It's probably better that way....
Ko: Wakato: *almost wants to ask what color Fuji's are, but thinks better of it.*
Rachel: Yuuta: Do you promise not to tell anyone though, Wakato-san, Papa said it was a big secret
Ko: Wakato: *nods* Well, I'm sure I'll do my best...*still a little mystified by it...and it's so pretty!*
Rachel: Yuuta: Papa, knows lots of tricks, but he usually just teaches them to 'Nee-san. She gets the family tree.
Ko: Wakato: *smirks* And I'm sure the family tree is VERY important to your family...*to self* As it helps identify the dating pool...
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods* It is! So you're parents are divorced, Wakato-san, I had no idea.
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* Well, not divorced YET. Only seperated. I'm not sure why they haven't just gone ahead and done it already.
Ko: Wakato: Didn't we talk about this one of the times the four of us were out together?
Rachel: Yuuta: I'm afraid I was a little pre-occupied, Wakato-san, you have to understand, Aniki has a habbit of getting out of control
Ko: Wakato: I had no idea. *grins*
Rachel: Yuuta: *sighs* It's hard...
Ko: Wakato: Speaking of Aniki, how have you two been getting along lately? We don't see as much of him around the apartment as we used to. Back when the show started, I thought he was going to be some kind of ninth housemate...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* It's ummm not very good
Rachel: Yuuta: *picks up a petal and plays with it* Sometimes.. I sort of think.. well it's going to sound silly...
Ko: Wakato: Say it and I'll let you know if it does.
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Sometimes I feel like Aniki and Keigo.. they're the same really..
Ko: Wakato: How so?
Rachel: Yuuta: They're ummm both sort of.. umm selfish...
Ko: Wakato: Oh? In the same way?
Rachel: Yuuta: Sort of.. but they're also sort of like.. opposites
Ko: Wakato: *putting sakura in his hair* Again, how so?
Rachel: Yuuta: Well.. umm Aniki is really really possessive.. and Keigo.. he.. he wants me to have *waves hand* with you know other people
Rachel: Yuuta: They're sort of like opposites, but the same...
Ko: Wakato: *scrunches eyebrows* How is that selfish?
Ko: Wakato: *thinking back on recent experience* The selfish thing would be to say you couldn't, right?
Rachel: Yuuta: No.. with Keigo he's sort of umm selfish because.. *small voice* he doesn't really think about me...
Ko: Wakato: So selfish because he only thinks of himself? *grunts a little* Can't say as I'm surprised...
Rachel: Yuuta: *smiling painfully* They both think about themselves first.. and Bunta-san too...
Rachel: Yuuta: But Aniki and Keigo just.. react to things differently
Ko: Wakato: I'm guessing that your brother isn't as laid-back in his reactions, is what you mean?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Ko: Wakato: *managed to avoid the risk of saying Atobe-sama altogether! :D*
Rachel: Yuuta: Do you think.. I'm weird for thinking about this?
Ko: Wakato: No, not at all. Sometimes, if you deal with these things early, they're less of a problem, right?
Ko: Wakato: So if they're both selfish, I guess then it's a question of which kind of selfish you prefer.
Ko: Wakato: If either.
Rachel: Yuuta: I guess... I just don't know a lot about dating or anything.. and Papa and 'Kaa-san.. they're not really my ideal for how I want to be..
Rachel: Yuuta: What would you do Wakato-san?
Rachel: Yuuta: Would you pick one of them, or... would you want someone else?
Ko: Wakato: *blinks* You're asking my advice?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Ko: Wakato: ...thank you for putting the idea of me dating Moleman into my head. *groans*
Rachel: Yuuta: Why not, you're sort of like this guy in that manga Keigo lent me..
Ko: Wakato: Which one?
Rachel: Yuuta: The one who likes to joke around.. though I admit I usually go to Yagyuu-san for advice
Rachel: Yuuta: I just feel like I've been such a burden to Yagyuu-san lately
Ko: Wakato: No, I mean which...nevermind.
Ko: Wakato: Well...you may be better off going to him than me on this one, Yuuta-kun. You know I'm biased.
Rachel: Yuuta: You think I should pick Aniki, then, don't you?
Rachel: Yuuta: *pausing a second* Or just not Keigo?
Ko: Wakato: ...Yuuta-kun, I'm serious. I'm passing on this one.
Rachel: Yuuta: *bites lip and looks all cutely pathetic like a kicked puppy*
Ko: Wakato: *fights the cute--fights it!* Nnn...no. Believe me, you'd be better off asking someone who's neutral on the entire question.
Rachel: Yuuta: I tried to help you, with Akira-kun, and.. and... I have been so unfair to Yagyuu-san lately...
Ko: Wakato: *fidgets* Why not ask Akira? Well, no...maybe not him...
Ko: Wakato: But I'm not substantially better at relationships, anyway.
Rachel: Yuuta: I had a long talk with Yagyuu-san after.. things with Masaharu-san, but I still feel.. well a little guilty...
Ko: Wakato: ...Yuuta-kun, I have my suspicions, but just how far DID things go with Niou?
Ko: Wakato: I don't need a play-by-play, but...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Farther than they should....
Ko: Wakato: Well, why would that worry Sensei?
Rachel: Yuuta: Because... they're umm sort of together, but not.. really.. I was umm *RED* wrong...
Rachel: Yuuta: But then Yagyuu-san seemed a bit annoyed when I talked to him so I think.. maybe he wasn't completely happy about things...
Ko: Wakato: Hmm...I didn't get the impression they were especially exclusive that time, but other things were on my mind, so I may have missed that...
Ko: Wakato: Well, if you don't feel right going to Sensei about this, is there anyone else who you think might give you good advice?
Rachel: Yuuta: *shakes head*
Rachel: Yuuta: They're ummm not uhh dating.. I was wrong *RED*
Ko: Wakato: Well...have you ever considered not dating either of them for a while, Yuuta-kun?
Rachel: Yuuta: A little... maybe...
Ko: Wakato: Maybe that's it, then. It might clear your head a little, let you get some perspective.
Rachel: Yuuta: Have you.. gotten more perspective, not dating Akira-kun?
Ko: Wakato: *grins slyly* And you know what they say...he who runs may be chased.
Rachel: Yuuta: *blinks* Ehhh?
Ko: Wakato: If you want to see if Moleman cares about you...see what he does when you say you need some time off. Maybe you'll be surprised. And maybe not. *shrugs*
Rachel: Yuuta: *sighs* I know Aniki will throw a temper tantrum
Ko: Wakato: *shrugs* So? Let him. And maybe when he sees it doesn't work, he'll grow up a bit, hmm?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Ko: Wakato: I notice that you mentioned your brother first, though...
Rachel: Yuuta: Well, I know he would care...
Ko: Wakato: ...anyway, I know it's helped me figure a few things out. A bit belatedly, but...better late than never, right?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Rachel: Yuuta: Did ummm you and Masaharu-san... also.. do inappropriate things?
Rachel: Yuuta: Is he.. the one... in Keigo's uhh bed?
Ko: Wakato: Well...this is between you, me, and the magical cherry trees, right?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods head*
Ko: Wakato: *snickers* What am I saying? You've seen the pictures...
Rachel: Yuuta: Ummm not really all of them...
Rachel: Yuuta: I thought it would be rude to look, Wakato-san
Ko: Wakato: *chuckles* You're sweet, Yuuta-kun. But I think any of them would've been a pretty good hint as to what came after...
Ko: Wakato: Although really, the pictures themselves...you know whose underwear that was, right?
Rachel: Yuuta: Masaharu-san.. says I'm sweet... *VERY RED* Masaharu-san didn't give them to you to wear? *blinks*
Ko: Wakato: It was more of an impromptu session, Yuuta-kun.
Ko: Wakato: I'll give you a hint...*hands Yuuta one of the pictures* I bet you've seen those panties before, if not the whole ensemble.
Rachel: Yuuta: Oh... So he umm, did he say then he wasn't going to share you then? And *shakes head* No.. *takes out some pictures red* These are ummm mine...
Ko: Wakato: Really? But they're so pretty...I can't believe he never wore them for you...
Rachel: Yuuta: Masaharu-san?
Rachel: Yuuta: *thinks* I don't uhh remember really what he was wearing...
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* Yuuta-kun, whose bedroom was that taken in?
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Wakato-san! No wonder Keigo made you his slave!
Ko: Wakato: *claps a hand over his ear* No need to shout, Yuuta-kun--I don't think the sakurazukamori three groves over needed to hear that...
Ko: Wakato: Anyway, like I told HIM, I wasn't in the most rational frame of mind that night.
Ko: Wakato: *has sudden realization* FUCK.
Rachel: Yuuta: I uhh know that feeling... did Masaharu-san umm make you one of his drinks first also?
Ko: Wakato: *runs a hand through his hair* If I wouldn't have jumped to the wrong conclusion, we probably wouldn't have ended up in his room, and I wouldn't be Atobe Keigo's person Merry Maid!
Ko: Wakato: *thinks* ...well, probably not....
Rachel: Yuuta: Did he makes you one of those drinks?
Ko: Wakato: No--there wasn't any drinking until long after.
Rachel: Yuuta: Oh.
Ko: Wakato: I wish I HAD been drunk...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED*
Rachel: Yuuta: I'll show you my pictures, Wakato-san... I.. think we did umm *RED* similar things with Masaharu-san...
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* That's the worst part...I can't blame anyone or anything but myself. I *was* able to shift it off on Akira for a while, but...
Rachel: Yuuta: You know Wakato-san, he really does still like you... I do really think he might be trying to make you jealous...
Rachel: Yuuta: *bites lip* I think he wanted me and Yagyuu-san to approve of Hiroguchi-san and.. and... we just can't.
Ko: Wakato: *looks down at the bit of branch and flowers he's twirling in his fingers* That's good...maybe...I know he stayed out all night the other night...
Ko: Wakato: But...however he feels about that guy...I do owe him an apology.
Rachel: Yuuta: Please, Wakato-san, you need to help me with him, he's said some things that.. well, frankly, that scare me.
Ko: Wakato: Things like what? I wasn't exactly sure from what you said the other night, when we were making dinner.
Rachel: Yuuta: Well, I.. I felt awkward.. especially after you reprimanded me..
Ko: Wakato: Reprimanded...you mean about the "not talking about other people's relationships" thing?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods RED*
Ko: Wakato: Oh, Yuuta-kun, I wasn't serious. That was actually...hmm...let's say sort of an "in-joke" between me and Sensei.
Rachel: Yuuta: You know Yagyuu-san really well, don't you...
Ko: Wakato: *chuckles* I don't know about "well," but...
Ko: Wakato: Anyway, I wasn't being serious when I said that to you.
Rachel: Yuuta: Do you think.. Yagyuu-san, thinks I'm a good roommate?
Ko: Wakato: Offhand? Yeah. He never complains about you or anything...of course, it's not like we seek each other out for conversation that often. Or have little weekly coffee dates at Starbucks.
Ko: Wakato: *thinks* He likes that you keep things clean, I think he said last time we talked.
Rachel: Yuuta: Ehhh?
Ko: Wakato: Kidding again, Yuuta-kun.
Ko: Wakato: *to himself* Somehow...this is like talking to Akira...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* I'm afraid I'm a bit trusting Wakato-san... Yagyuu-san says I need to watch out more...
Rachel: Yuuta: And.. I don't have weekly dates with anyone at Starbucks... not anymore...
Rachel: Yuuta: I use to, sort of, with Yanagisawa-san last semester.
Ko: Wakato: Really? Hm. Does he take off the hair ribbon in public?
Rachel: Yuuta: Nooooo, that's Kisarazu-san, and he doesn't. Yanagisawa-san is the one who always says 'Dane'
Ko: Wakato: Oooooh! Duck-boy!
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods happily*
Ko: Wakato: Ah. I was worried for a second I might have offended you with that, but...
Rachel: Yuuta: Oh no, most people call him that, Wakato-san
Ko: Wakato: Well, that's good...
Ko: Wakato: It fits, doesn't it?
Rachel: Yuuta: *thinking a second* But you weren't thinking of him... were... you thinking about how Akira-kun and I go out sometimes?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Ko: Wakato: *nods* Yeah.
Rachel: Yuuta: Those weren't dates!
Ko: Wakato: I didn't mean "date-dates", Yuuta-kun. Again, I was playing with you...you do need to stop taking people so seriously...
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Probably...
Rachel: Yuuta: I like trying to talk to Akira-kun, he was one of the first people in the apartment who wanted to be my friend, and I like.. trying to help him..
Ko: Wakato: *nods* And you think you might help him by telling me what's got you so anxious about Sawanoguchi, right? So...spill.
Rachel: Yuuta: But it's hard sometimes.. *confidentially* I think he can be a little.. jealous sometimes.. he thinks I'm perfect. *frowns*
Rachel: Yuuta: Well.. Akira-kun said that ummm he made it sound like.. things with Hiroguchi-san weren't really.. ummm consensual...
Ko: Wakato: *blinks* How not consensual are we talking?
Rachel: Yuuta: Well... just I think.. well...Akira-kun, after he has sex with most people.. he.. always regrets it...
Rachel: Yuuta: Not you!
Ko: Wakato: Thanks for the qualification.
Ko: Wakato: ...Yuuta-kun, just because he regrets it afterward doesn't mean it wasn't consensual...
Rachel: Yuuta: I just mean.. other people... and it seems sort of.. like he.. didn't necessarily completely want to... *bites lip*
Ko: Wakato: Do you think that guy forces him, or...?
Rachel: Yuuta: I don't know if I would say.. forced.. but I think... Akira-kun just sort of... *RED* lets him...
Rachel: Yuuta: More than.. *RED* wanting to....
Ko: Wakato: *nods slowly* Ah. I see.
Rachel: Yuuta: *VERY RED* What I did with Masaharu-san.. it wasn't very well thought out.. but at the time.. I, well, I really wanted to.. *VERY VERY RED*
Rachel: Yuuta: And I.. I don't think Hiroguchi-san treats Akira-kun with a lot of respect...
Ko: Wakato: Hmm...*twiddles with his little sprig of branch*
Rachel: Yuuta: And he.. I think he really is trying to make you jealous.. *sighs* or at least.. I think he said that...
Ko: Wakato: *snaps branch* He said that?
Rachel: Yuuta: *staring at hands* That he.. wanted to make you jealous... I suggested to him you were dating Akutagawa-san for the same reason though.
Ko: Wakato: *drops branch and jaw at the same time* You...think I'm dating...Jiroh-chan?
Ko: Wakato: Yuuta-kun, I wouldn't SURVIVE dating Jiroh-chan!
Rachel: Yuuta: You're umm not?
Ko: Wakato: No!
Rachel: Yuuta: I guess I really am... naive...
Ko: Wakato: I hadn't even seen him since the airport until...well, two weeks ago.
Ko: Wakato: Does Akira think I'm dating him, too?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods*
Rachel: Yuuta: Or I uhhh think he was talking about Akutagawa-san
Ko: Wakato: I should have known. ><;
Rachel: Yuuta: He never says 'Akutagawa-san'
Ko: Wakato: I think he thought I was dating him when we were together...--;
Rachel: Yuuta: Well ummm some people.. uhh date a few people at once...
Rachel: Yuuta: I'm dating Keigo, and Aniki and Bunta-san.. and Keigo... Keigo is dating lots of people...
Ko: Wakato: *nods* Some people do. And some people have very jealous hamsters for--*almost says boyfriends, and stops himself*
Rachel: Yuuta: Aniki is really jealous.. so I.. uhh sort of understand.. a bit
Ko: Wakato: --anyway, I wasn't dating anyone else while we were together, and I haven't date anyone since.
Ko: Wakato: Which isn't to say that I haven't been availing myself of certain opportunities. But not DATING!
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* But you were uhhh... *waves hands* with umm other people...
Ko: Wakato: *nods* Well...yeah.
Ko: Wakato: That's not dating.
Rachel: Yuuta: Sometimes.. I think.. that's enough to make someone jealous... I think it's very intimate...
Ko: Wakato: It's as intimate as you want it to be.
Rachel: Yuuta: *VERY RED* You're umm letting someone into.. well yourself.. literally...
Rachel: Yuuta: Or at least for uhhh me....
Ko: Wakato: *grins a little* Or letting yourself into someone...I guess...you haven't yet?
Rachel: Yuuta: *shakes head eyes very wide*
Rachel: Yuuta: I haven't even.. that many times...yet...
Ko: Wakato: You should try it. You might even find that Moleman likes it. X)
Rachel: Yuuta: Maybe... it's just... anyway you said you didn't want me to talk about Keigo with you really...
Rachel: Yuuta: But it's still... intimate...
Ko: Wakato: Well, there's a difference between offering romantic advice and just dishing. ^^
Rachel: Yuuta: Ah.
Ko: Wakato: *sighs* I still can't believe that he thinks I'm dating Jiroh-chan...I guess he never believed me when I said I really did like him better...
Rachel: Yuuta: I think... sex is... pretty intimate... and you sort of.. have to trust the other person...
Rachel: Yuuta: I sort of wish... ummm *RED*
Ko: Wakato: Sort of wish what?
Rachel: Yuuta: That I was just with one person.. and they were just with me... but this uhh goes back to our earlier conversation... *RED*
Ko: Wakato: If that's what you want, Yuuta-kun...then you have to make a decision.
Ko: Wakato: I still think you'd be smart to take some time off.
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods head*
Rachel: Yuuta: I just worry.. that uhhh neither really wants me... just.. umm a reflection of themselves in me...
Ko: Wakato: Maybe you're right. Maybe you need to find out.
Rachel: Yuuta: *sadly* At least you like Akira-kun, because he's Akira-kun..
Ko: Wakato: I don't mean to sound like you should just dump all your romantic entanglements to make things easy, mind...
Ko: Wakato: *smiles softly* Yeah.
Rachel: Yuuta: And you don't want to make Akira-kun into someone else...you like him as he is.. even though he is flawed...
Ko: Wakato: *nods* That he is. I think he thought I was trying to do that, though...what do you think your significant others are trying to make you into that you aren't?
Rachel: Yuuta: I'm probably just being silly *bites lip*
Ko: Wakato: *rubs Yuuta's shoulder*
Ko: Wakato: Really, Yuuta-kun, we're just too nice of people to have the kind of romantic troubles we do. *smirks*
Rachel: Yuuta: *smiles sadly* Maybe... yeah.. I'm probably just being naive and not well being fair to anyone..
Ko: Wakato: *shrugs* I'm sure you'll lose some of the naivete with time. As to the other...I wonder if you're giving yourself enough credit.
Rachel: Yuuta: You're right of course Wakato-san, I'm already a little less naiive. I now know a bit about wolves. *smiles wryly*
Ko: Wakato: Wolves like *taps the side of his neck, indicating Yuuta's hickey* wolves?
Rachel: Yuuta: If you want, I can break the maraboshi. But.. I.. hope you will think about trying to work things out with Akira-kun. It's.. it would be sad for you both to lose it completely...
Rachel: Yuuta: *blushes* Like Masaharu-san... though Yagyuu-san is right, and Masaharu-san is at least a friend...
Ko: Wakato: *nods* There are probably worse wolves out there...wolves that don't help you clean up the mess the next morning...*grins*
Ko: Wakato: I hope we can work it out too, Yuuta-kun. That's what I'm going to find out...if I ever come up with a draft that's workable...
Rachel: Yuuta: *blinks* Masaharu-san cleaned up everything while I was still sleeping.
Rachel: Yuuta: If you uhhh need someone to read it over... *RED*
Ko: Wakato: *blushes a little; coughs* I appreciate it, Yuuta-kun, but I think this is the kind of things I really need to work out on my own...*grins* Plus, if the grammar is entirely correct, I don't think Akira will believe I wrote it.
Rachel: Yuuta: *laughs a little* Good luck then Wakato-san, and.. maybe you'll get some help from the 'relationship consultants extraordinaire'. *smiles and waves his hand and they're back on the non-make-out couch*
Ko: That was fun.
Ko: Not as wrong as the first AU chat, but still fun.
Rachel: yes they were more serious
Rachel: yuuta might actually have some of that conversation with yagyuu
Ko: ^^ We wanted to let them vent/angst about their relationships a little.
Rachel: yes i think yuuta is rather stressed actually
Ko: It may be interesting to see how Yagyuu's advice compares to Wakato's. ^^
Rachel: it will probably be different but then the friendship is different between them
Ko: *nods* Yeah.
Rachel: and i think yagyuu knows yuuta better
Ko: (Wakato: Now, you know if you use a maboroshi in the kitchen, it won't count as kitchen-sex.)
Rachel: it's like going to subaru for advice vs. sorata XD
Ko: *snickers*
Rachel: sorry i couldn't resist
Ko: ^^ No, it was fine for an AU chat!
Rachel: yuuta so does need to have kitchen sex at some point!
Ko: But I need to ready up in the living room before I go to bed.
Ko: He does!
Rachel: nods
Ko: *nods* *hugs* Wish me luck on the paper tomorrow.
Rachel: he should get to deflower the kitchen first
Ko: It's still going to be a slog.
Rachel: hai good luck!!!
Ko: Thanks!
Ko: Night!
Rachel: and i will prob be on and off at different times
Rachel: *hugs*
Rachel: sleep well and just remember 1/5 down!
Ko: Yes! :D