Rachel: (and wakato doesn't know what he has planned he just knows it's not going to be pretty. Here is where Rachel and Ko start going completely insane AU. Read at your own risk. In-jokes abound.)
Ko: Wakato: You know, I *am* your brother's spirit hamster in this reality. You should listen to me.
Ko: Wakato sees carnage on the highway.
Rachel: Yuuta: But don't you understand... Eriol I mean Keigo is so magnetic....
Ko: Wakato: *grabs him* Look, I've got a little brother hamster on the line, dammit, so PAY ATTENTION.
Ko: Mr. Cheeky: *wishes he could have done that*
Rachel: Yuuta: But what about Akira-kun?!?!!? You want a hamster now? And I thought Tezuka-san was weird!
Ko: Wakato: Metaphorically speaking, Yuuta-kun...
Ko: Wakato: Now, the Yuuta-sama...
Ko: Mr. Cheeky: Akira? *thinks of AID's Akira*
Rachel: Yuuta: Metaphorically speaking Akira-kun is yout little brother hamster o_O
Ko: Wakato: *shakes head*
Rachel: which you know... considering that Fuji plans to use him....
Ko: Yes, but Fuji would never use Mr. Cheeky's little brother to get Yuuta
Ko: ..or at least, not like he's using Kamio...
Ko: ...dear god I hope not...
Rachel: No, he just uses him as a bribe...
Rachel: well actually I was talking to Eda about what Fuji was going to do with Kamio
Rachel: it should be amusing
Rachel: He's an evil boy
Ko: I guess we can just leave off there, assuming the boys did eventually make it to school.
Rachel: Yes, we can assume they did
Ko: I'm not very good at being angry people--my brain starts looking for logical arguments to make...
Rachel: Awwwww Yuuta gets angry for a bit
Ko: Wakato & Yuuta: *feel angsty about their romantic problems, blow off school and go the arcade*
Rachel: *laughs* the scary thing is I can almost see Yuuta agreeing
Rachel: though who knows maybe Keigo will talk some sense into him
Ko: Wakato: Yuuta-kun, only one thing can ease our troubled hearts--PARA PARA.
Ko: Wakato: And then we can go split a carton of ice cream.
Ko: Wakato: And bitch about men.
Rachel: Yuuta: Strawberry ice cream?
Ko: Wakato: We'll get a Neopolitan and split it. You can have strawberry, I'll have vanilla, and we'll both have chocolate.
Ko: Wakato: And chocolate syru--*struck by nostalgia*
Ko: Wakato: *does the crying while biting a handkerchief thing*
Rachel: Yuuta: o_O Wakato-san, it's only ice cream
Ko: Wakato: *dramatically* It wasn't just ice cream--it was CHOCOLATE SYRUP!
Rachel: Yuuta: *very confused* I don't get it....
Ko: Wakato: *pats him on the shoulder* Don't worry--between either Fuji-kun or Mole Man, you will, very soon.
Rachel: Yuuta: O_O *RED*
Ko: Wakato: Come on, I'll buy you a cone at Tokyo Tower.
Rachel: Yuuta: And you promise you won't try to become boyfriend number whatever?
Ko: Wakato: ...Yuuta, one, I know your brother, and two, I value my life.
Rachel: Yuuta: But he hasn't killed Keigo-san or Bunta-san yet.... though that Amane-san guy....
Rachel: Yuuta: Saeki-san says no one has seen him for a few weeks....
Ko: Wakato: Although I'm a little hurt that you don't want me to be one of your boyfriends...*mock pout*
Rachel: Yuuta: *RED* Well you're with Akira-kun!
Rachel: Yuuta: And I think I have enough problems without adding new boyfriends *BLUSH*
Ko: Wakato: Yes, and faster than your brother can shove them under the sakura...
Ko: (XD I guess so.)
Rachel: Yuuta: My brother doesn't bury people under the sakura... that's Papa... Aniki has a wisteria...
Ko: (At this rate, they might end up at the Polynesian brothel.)
Ko: Wakato: Ahhhhh. My mistake.
Ko: Wakato: But your father's away on business, isn't he? So who's taking care of the sakura?
Ko: Wakato: Or does Papa Fuji kill people, pack them in ice and have them delivered?
Rachel: Yuuta: 'Nee-san... she gets it someday... I don't get any plants...
Ko: Wakato: Well, maybe while we're out, we could pick you up something. How do you feel about hyacinths?
Rachel: Yuuta: *thinks* the hyacinthzukamori?
Ko: Wakato: You're right, it's a bit of a mouthful.
Ko: Wakato: Sunflowers are cute, and very easy to grow.
Ko: Wakato: And then you get sunflower seeds...
Rachel: Yuuta: How about the Tsutsujizukamori?
Rachel: Yuuta: or the Botanzukamori! I like peonies ^_^
Ko: Wakato: Hmmm....I prefer azealas myself, but peonies are good.
Ko: Wakato: And "Botanzukamori" has a certain ring...
Rachel: Yuuta: Hai!
Ko: Wakato: Try out the "do you like ________, little boy" line with "peonies"
Rachel: Yuuta: Little boy, do you like peonies? *looks earnest and blushes*
Ko: Wakato: Ask him if he knows why the peonies are pink.
Ko: Wakato: *whistles Peony Pink*
Rachel: Yuuta: *openly* Little boy, do you know why the peonies are pink? *to Wakato* Why are thery pink?*
Ko: Wakato: Mmm, probably some genetic thing.
Ko: Wakato: So we'll get you a peony and a sunflower. And a trenchcoat. You'll need a trenchcoat.
Rachel: Yuuta: Maybe I'm not meant to be a floral assasin... I met these other guys who ran a floral shop by day and were assassins by night...
Ko: Wakato: I've heard of them...but you know, most floral assasins are MUCH more competent.
Ko: Wakato: I'm sure you'd be good at it.
Rachel: Yuuta: Yeah you should see Papa
Ko: Wakato: Did you have other career plans? Or were you planning to settle down and raise a family?
Rachel: Yuuta: And 'Nee-san... Papa says she reminds him of his late mother...
Rachel: Yuuta: Well 'Nee-san wants me to be Aniki's housewife... though I guess she would take Keigo-san as well in a pinch *BLUSH*
Ko: Wakato: *sticks out his tongue* That's such a big house--you'd probably lose your kids in there.
Rachel: Yuuta: Well, I don't know if we'd have kids.... Inui-san hasn't perfected that juice recipe yet...
Ko: Wakato: There's always surrogates
Ko: Wakato: And it's not like you've got to start TOMORROW. You should wait till you finish high school anyway, right?
Rachel: Yuuta: *nods* That's true.... yeah I was thinking of going to MIT if I can get a scholarship *RED*
Ko: Wakato: Oooh, MIT! *thinks for a minute* What's MIT?
Rachel: Yuuta: A school in the US in Boston
Ko: Wakato: Ahhh. The public transport is really slow there, I hear...
Ko: Wakato: Do you think any of your current crop of boyfriends would go with you to the US?
Rachel: Yuuta: Really? I've never been to Boston
Rachel: Yuuta: I don't know... I can't tell what they're all willing to do for me
Ko: Wakato: Neither have I, but I read a lot of LJs...
Rachel: Yuuta: I mean... Bunta-san likes my cooking a lot... and uhhh Aniki is my brother and I'm not sure where Keigo-san fits in...
Ko: Wakato: Well, I think ONE of them would join a sentai team dedicated to the fight for a very SPECIFIC love and justice for you...
Rachel: Yuuta: Really? Which?
Rachel: Yuuta: or are you talking about that joke group Papa, Aniki and Cousin Eriol started
Ko: Wakato: Well, since you're not related to either Mole Man or Bunta, I'd say Fuji-kun.
Ko: Wakato: Joke? Oh, I think they're VERY serious.
Ko: Wakato: Although it's hard to tell when they're all doing the evil niko thing, isn't it?
Rachel: Yuuta: Yeah... I'm the only one in the family who doesn't >.,
Ko: Wakato: Well, some people can do it and some people can't. It's like wiggling your ears.
Ko: Wakato: Here, let me see you try.
Rachel: Yuuta: *concentrates and closes his eyes and smiles*
Rachel: Yuuta: How was that?
Ko: Wakato: *appraises thoughtfully* All right, that's reasonable...now can you walk around like that?
Rachel: Yuuta: I think I'd fall... I don't know how they do it
Rachel: Yuuta: And Papa wears sunglasses everywhere
Ko: Wakato: Try it.
Ko: Wakato: After all, it's in your genes, apparently.
Rachel: Yuuta: *tries and manages to trip rather quickly as he is a klutz*
Ko: Wakato: Or maybe it isn't.
Rachel: Yuuta: *sourly* I think they pounded it out of me... something about being the family uke whatever that means
Ko: Wakato: Hmm...*ponders*
Ko: Wakato: CHANGE!
Ko: Cheerleaders: OVER!
Ko: Wakato: *evil nikos a la Fuji*
Rachel: Yuuta: *claps hands* That's great!
Ko: Wakato: *nods, takes a few steps, and walks right into a lamp post*
Ko: Wakato: *dazed* Maybe it IS something you have to be born with.
Rachel: Yuuta: No really, that's terrific for a non-family member
Ko: Wakato: Well, high praise. *smiles, evil nikos without meaning to*
Rachel: Yuuta: And everyone thinks Aniki is a prodigy... they should see how good 'Nee-san is...
Ko: Wakato: At the Sakurazukamori thing or the tennis thing?
Rachel: Yuuta: Both actually... and she can cook too!
Rachel: Yuuta: She's the apple of Papa's eye
Ko: Wakato: Wow! Your sister's like you and your brother put together!
Rachel: Yuuta: Sort of... she doesn't blush like me... just ummm all our best qualities I think. *BLUSH*
Ko: Wakato: Oh, but the blushing is something we all love about you, Yuuta-kun.
Ko: Wakato: It's part of your charm.
Rachel: Yuuta: o_O Really? *BLUSH*
Ko: Wakato: *nods* It's very attractive.
Ko: Wakato: ...it may have been a BAD idea to copy your brother...
Rachel: Yuuta: Wakato-san? o_O
Ko: Wakato: *shakes head* I'm fine, Yuuuuta-kun.
Ko: Wakato: *worried* Gah.
Ko: Wakato: *mumbling* He's not your brother he's not your brother he's not your brother...
Rachel: Yuuta: *BLUSH* *pats Wakato on the shoulder* I'm sure Akira-kun will be back soon and you can uhhh...
Ko: Wakato: Yes, Akira. Akira the person I am attracted to, not Yuuta, because he's not my brother.
Ko: Wakato: Right. I've got this under control.
Ko: Wakato: *thinking* Although if Yuuuuta-kun says "Aniki," I'm a dead man.
Rachel: Yuuta: *blushes* Wakato-san?
Ko: Wakato: *hits himself in the side of the head a few times* I'm fine.
Rachel: Yuuta: So you really think I ought to talk to Aniki.. was he spouting Clamp lines again?
Rachel: Yuuta: That's the problem with having a Clamp character for a Papa...
Ko: Wakato: *starts to answer, then stops short*
Ko: Wakato: *the evil niko sets in again*
Ko: Wakato: Yuuuuta....
Rachel: Yuuta: *a little nervous cause he knows that tone of voice* Wakato-san.. you uhh sound like Aniki... *RED*
Ko: Wakato: *still nikoing* The after effects from my change-over can be very hard to resist, Yuuuuuuta....
Ko: Wakato: *puts an arm around his shoulder* I've always wanted a little brother...
Rachel: Yuuta: Remember, you're Aniki's metaphorical spirit hamster not Aniki... *RED*
Ko: Mr. Cheeky: *slips out of Wakato's pocket and bites his ear*
Rachel: Yuuta: Thank you Cheeky-san *gives Mr. Cheeky some sunflower seeds*
Ko: Mr. Cheeky: The hamsters of the mind, our reputation, the dirtying up, you, is something not, Mr. Hiroshi.
Ko: Wakato: *holding his ear, evil niko gone* Why do animals hate me?
Rachel: Yuuta: Actually, Cheeky-san was protecting you Wakato-san... that uhh changeover went a little too well....*blush*
Rachel: Yuuta: And really... I'm having a hard enough time keeping Keigo-san from becoming plant food....
Ko: Wakato: Damn. I'd love to copy your brother's tennis...
Ko: Wakato: *smiles* Well, that's something I wouldn't mind seeing...
Rachel: Yuuta: >.< I like Keigo-san!
Ko: Wakato: Actually, that's not the first time that's happened--I felt my brain cells dying off when I copied Akira...
Rachel: Yuuta: You copied Akira-kun? o_O
Ko: Wakato: Well, just the once...eh heh.
Rachel: Yuuta: So why do you copy people? I want to learn my own style of tennis
Ko: Wakato: It wouldn't do me much good on the court, though...
Ko: Wakato: ...probably.
Rachel: Yuuta: I don't know.... Akira-kun beat Sengoku-san...
Ko: Wakato: Ah, but you see, this is how I'll *discover* my own style of tennis! If I can control my body exactly enough to copy the moves of a broad variety of players...then...
Ko: Wakato: ...wait, it made sense when Hanamura explained it to me...
Ko: Wakato: Mmm, Papa....X)
Rachel: Yuuta: Anou Wakato-san... is it just me or does ummm Hanamura-sensei remind you of a mad scientist or something...
Ko: Wakato: *raises eyebrow* "Remind"?
Ko: Wakato: Yuuta-kun, she IS a mad scientist.
Rachel: Yuuta: I always sort of worry she wants to steal my DNA and do horrible mutant experiments...
Ko: Wakato: Well, that's her usual thing, but lately, she just wants to steal Echizen and do horrible mutant experiments on him.
Rachel: Yuuta: Oh.... hmmmmm so it seems like most of us really have some sort of uhhh hidden secret... *RED*
Ko: Wakato: Yes, but isn't that what makes life exciting? ^_^
Rachel: Yuuta: I guess... so is Akira-kun really a genius?
Ko: Mr. Cheeky: *sees the niko, prepares to bite again if necessary*
Rachel: Yuuta: And what's Echizen's secret? I know you live in the same room as him...
Ko: Wakato: *snickers* In one regard, yes. Offhand, I'd say he's one of the shining stars in his field.
Ko: Wakato: I'm not sure yet...I think it has something to do with all the baths he takes.
Rachel: Yuuta: *suitably impressed and not having any suspicions*
Ko: Wakato: I wonder....
Ko: Wakato: ...if he's opening Angel Eggs...
Rachel: Yuuta: You think he plays Angelic Layer?
Rachel: Yuuta: I guess age and height don't matter in the layer....
Ko: Wakato: That's right.
Ko: Wakato: Do you play, Yuuta-kun?
Rachel: Yuuta: Aniki has a friend who plays Angelic Layer...*blush*
Ko: Wakato: Is he any good? Your brother's friend?
Rachel: Yuuta: Me? No, I'm too busy...
Ko: Wakato: Doubtless Fuji-kun is a master...
Rachel: Yuuta: Actually, Aniki is even worse at Angelic Layer than bowling... and his friend is a girl... I think she's some sort of champion or something...
Ko: Wakato: Champion...not Suzuhara Misaki!
Ko: Wakato: The Miracle Rookie!
Rachel: Yuuta: Yeah, her!
Ko: Wakato: *in awe*
Rachel: Yuuta: She's really nice... I forgot how he met her, something about Tokyo Tower
Ko: Wakato: *sighs happily* I started following Angelic Layer after I saw one of her matches...
Ko: Wakato: I couldn't BELIEVE how cute...that uniform is...X3
Rachel: Yuuta: We exchanged recipes once or twice though...
Ko: Wakato: You'd look cute in that uniform, Yuuta-kun.
Rachel: Yuuta: I would... Didn't you notice I was wearing it this week...*BLUSH*
Ko: Wakato: *blinks* I guess I've been out of it.
Ko: Wakato: Well, I'll have to make sure I see you in it, then.
Rachel: Yuuta: *smiles innocently* I think it works for me... much better than the Asuran costume last week...
Ko: Wakato: I didn't like my costume last week. It was so...boring!
Ko: Wakato: I don't know why the girls were so hot to have me dress up like that Azrael guy.
Rachel: Yuuta: I don't know.... I never met him... Aniki has scrapbooking club though with one of those ZAFT guys.... I met him once...
Ko: (...no, brain, get Kamio away from Tokyo Babylon right now.)
Ko: (Seishirou: Little boy, do you like sakura?)
Rachel: (OMG that is soooooooo wrong....... )
Ko: (Kamio: Not really. I do like being fucked up against big trees, though! :D)
Ko: (Seishirou: ...I love you.)
Rachel: (Seishirou: Works for me XD )
Ko: (Yuuta: Papa, what are you doing to Akira-kun?!)
Rachel: (Yuuta: Akira-kun I thought you said you hadn't had sex with Papa! o_O )
Ko: (Kamio: *being fucked* Well when you asked me that, I hadn't yet...)
Rachel: (Yuuta: But what about... nevermind *sighs and wonders if Kamio has a thing for people's fathers* )
Ko: (^^ Kamio and his Daddy complex.)
Rachel: (YES! Kamio has a Daddy complex just like Wakato XD )
Ko: (Yes, but Wakato's is more focused. He just wants HIS daddy ^^)
Ko: (Other daddies he doesn't care about.)
Rachel: (Has he tried anyone else's Daddy?)
Ko: (I don't think so, but he just doesn't feel that attraction.)
Ko: (He doesn't even feel attracted to his other daddy)
Rachel: (Maybe if he tried them.... well that's Mizuki-san...)
Ko: Wakato: *wonders if Kamio and Saburo would mind a threesome, just so he can satisfy his curiosity about other people's daddies*
Rachel: utter crack is your friend
Rachel: *is amused that Yuuta and Wakato bonded in the AU chat despite the fact Yuuta is dating mole man*
Ko: Well, that's why it's an AU chat.
Ko: A lot of this chat doesn't take place in the logical universe we normally inhabit. ^^
Rachel: that too XD
Rachel: and i got ice cream ^_____^
Ko: ^^ Congrats!
Rachel: *loves ice cream*
Ko: *loves Botanzukamori ^^*
Rachel: heheheheheheheheh it just seemed fitting
Ko: Does Yuuta prefer white peonies or pink? ^^
Rachel: I think pink XD
Rachel: like the song
Rachel: and papa is into sakura... the family likes pinks and silvery blues XD
Ko: *attempting a Botanzukamori wallpaper because it amuses me*
Rachel: DIES
Rachel: Yuuta and his peony plant
Rachel: maybe he started with a chia pet like Papa XD
Ko: YES!
Rachel: well you have to start them slow...
Ko: Yuuta: Um, Papa, this...--;;
Rachel: and a chia pet is the perfect starter...
Ko: Seishirou: Don't give me that. This is how I got started.
Ko: Seishirou: Your grandmother...*wipes a tear away*
Rachel: Seishirou: Yumiko-chan reminds me of her so much... *wistful look*
Ko: ...Papa Fuji x Yumiko? ^^
Rachel: well you know Seishirou loves that intergenerational incest....
Ko: And Yumiko doesn't really have a "special someone"...
Rachel: or maybe she does.... *cough*Papa*cough*
Ko: *nods* I'm for it. ^^
Rachel: they're the ones that are going to visit the apartment together
Rachel: cause Yoshiko needs to stay home and baby sit Fuji
Rachel: it all comes together... ^_____^
Ko: *snickers* This is pretty wrong.
Rachel: our au chat or the rpg or both?
Ko: Evyerhing. ^^
Ko: The AU chat in particular, but...
Rachel: heheheheh I will edit and share this I think once i have the other chats up
Rachel: gah long response!
Ko: Long response?
Rachel: from Keigo to Yuuta
Rachel: Yuuta was being a bit angsty...
Ko: *nods*
Rachel: and Keigo gave him a long piece of advice
Ko: Good advice?
Rachel: I think so
Ko: What kind of advice was it, apart from good?
Rachel: mostly for Yuuta not to worry about his choices
Ko: *nods* Good advice.
Ko: Here, though it sucks:
Ko: (link to botanzukamori wallpaper)
Ko: I had to do something with it.
Rachel: that's beautiful
Rachel: I adore that and must save it
Ko: #^_^#
Rachel: Yuuta is such a dork!!!!!!
Ko: (I thought you'd like that picture of Yuuta best)
Rachel: I adore that picture
Rachel: he looks so uke too
Rachel: he's like the uke floral assassin
Ko: "Look, I'm sweet and I cook and I kill people for my very own evil peony plant!"
Ko: He is SO Omi!
Rachel: See I am cool!
Rachel: someone needs to do that as a doujinshi
Rachel: the botanzukamori XD
Ko: Oh god.
Rachel: it would be hilarious
Ko: Yuuta develops a complex over people comparing him to his sister.
Ko: "Hey, aren't you Fuji Yumiko's little brother?"
Rachel: *dies*
Rachel: ad Kim was just so wrong....
Rachel: SumeragiSkank: (Keigo: For the sake of your Wish....)
Rachel: (Yuuta: And if i come back everything starts again? will I get sex though?)
SumeragiSkank: (Keigo: .....sort of.....how do you feel about violent symbolic penetration?)
Rachel: (Yuuta: From you or from someone else? )
Ko: XD
Rachel: SumeragiSkank: (Keigo: Well, I am playing double duty here, soooooo from me)
Rachel: I love being an X fan